Land Freight

Land Freight
(Rail & Road Transport)

Rail Freight – (Export & Import):

  • Custom Bonded Shipments (from various Dry ports of Bangladesh)
  • Down to Up - Country to down (covering all the Rail area of Bangladesh)
  • Insurance Cover
  • Non-Bonded shipment
  • Serving hundreds of Cities within Bangladesh

  • Road Freight (Export & Import)
    Various Transportation Categories: 20ft, 40ft. HC, Reefer Containers, Flat Belt, Open Top, Trailers, Vehicles Trailers, Prime Movers etc.
  • Bonded Trucking (from Various Dry Ports of Bangladesh)
  • Delivery Up to Warehouse and Door-step and more….
  • Delivery with 36 hours from Down to Up- Country and same returnr
  • Insurance Cover
  • NLC-National Logistics Trucking
  • Non-Bonded Trucking